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Amazing Alibaug

Multiple Shades of Akshi Beach

From the day I landed Mumbai I have been thinking of going to Alibaug. Finally it happened even though after months. Alibaug is a small beautiful place, around 95 kms from Mumbai. One can reach Alibaug from Mumbai via sea or road. I prefer the sea route which is shorter and faster. I left home in the morning for Gateway of India to take the ferry to Alibaug. Ferry would take me around 90 mins to reach there. My bad... I reached Gateway of India to find out that ferry discontinued last week as monsoon was approaching. Without wasting time I quickly took local train from CST to Panvel. From Panvel you get bus for Alibaug every 30 mins . My bad, there was no AC bus , I had to take a local non AC bus. Oh God ... What a ride it was! It was like one of those rides at adventurous parks.
It took around 2 hours from Panvel to Alibaug. I was tired and hungry. My eyes got hold of jack-fruit and black currant being sold by locals near bus stand. I had the best black currant ever ... Very refreshing , sweet and juicy. Alibaug is also famous for seafood.
Pebbles filled Korlai Beach

Flora filled Revdanda Beach
My first visit is to Alibaug beach, from there I planned to go to Kolaba fort. I reached the beach, asked a hawker about ferry or boat to Kolaba fort. He told me water level is so less I could actually walk to the fort or go by horse. I was surprised and amazed to hear that... Go to an island from a beach by walk. Awesome !!! That is what exactly I did I walked to Kolaba fort ... What an experience ... Walking in sea water, playing with water while enjoying the sunset . Another pleasure was seeing the horses riding in sea water. Such a queit and calm sea... 
Sunset at Alibaug Beach

Kolaba fort was indeed majestic ... It was one of the forts ruled by famous Maratha King Shivaji. History of Kolaba fort itself is very fascinating. The entire place looks like an untouched village far away from city life. I like the big rocks and walls. A small broken hut attracted me, the entire view was not less than a dream . There is a beautiful white temple of  Ganesh ji. It looks so beautiful amidts of grey rocks and greens. While returning from the fort to the beach I was amazed to see that sea water level had further gone down, there was no water ... Seriously ! 
About Kolaba Fort
Alibaug Beach

My next visit is to Akshi beach. Akshi beach is just Wow! I have been to many beaches but this one is unique. You will love the multiple shades of the beach . It looked as if God Himself came and painted the beach. This beach is also so queit and calm. Having famous Alibaug's coconut water and enjoying the view ... I loved it totally. 

From Akshi beach I went to Nagaon beach. Nothing exciting about Nagaon beach, somehow I found it muddy, may be if you like making clay toys you may like to use the muddy sand to make toys or castles. From Nagaon beach I went to Revdanda beach which is famous for Revdanda fort. This is another beautiful unexplored place. Revdanda fort itself is like a mini jungle untouched by humans for ages. Revdanda fort was built by Portuguese. There is a beautiful Portuguese church also near this place. In Alibaug you will get to see multiple​ shades of beaches. Like in Revdanda beach you will see green beach covered by green Flora. 
Revdanda Fort
Revdanda Beach
Portuguese Church

My next destination is another unexplored place ... Korlai village. This is where fishermen live. It's a first time experience for me to see how fishermen lead their lives , their small houses , how they work non stop ... Life is not easy. Korlai beach is massive and beautiful . Ride to the beach was not easy.  It was a narrow patchy road which led to the beach... A thrilling ride I must say. After Korlai beach I went to Kashid beach. Kashid beach is like one of those crowded Goa beaches... Many people having lots of fun , water sports etc.
Korlai Village
Korlai Beach

Two main destinations I wanted to visit in Aibaug are Undheri and Khanderi forts which you can go only by boat or ferry from Thal beach. I reached Thal beach to take the ferry to these two destinations which are next to each other. Thal beach is another untouched fishermen space. This place is full of boats and nets used by fishermen while fishing. Unfortunately boats and ferries were banned for two months. So I couldn't go further. I could only see Undheri and Khanderi forts far off from Thal beach. I have a strong reason to come back to Alibaug. 
Narrow Road to Korlai Beach
Fishermen's action stuff
View of Undheri and Khanderi Forts from Thal Beach

My last destination is Varsoli beach... Another very clean and beautiful beach. Evening is the best time to go to this beach, enjoy the clean and calm sea. You would love to spend the entire evening at this quiet beach. Have a nice tea at one of the tea stalls around before leaving from this place. You would also enjoy a short ride around the trees surrounding the beach. 
Varsoli Beach
Alibaug famous Pomfret Fish

One thing I observed was most of the beaches in Alibaug are so quiet and calm. All beaches are very clean with clean water. And best part is most of the beaches have less or no crowd. It's like the entire place is mine,What else you want! I find Alibaug beaches much better than Goa beaches. So if you are planning your trip to enjoy sea beaches, next time opt for Alibaug not Goa. It will be 30% the cost of Goa trip and 200% fun.

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