Sunday, December 10, 2017

Life in Mumbai Local Train ... Episode 2

Chowmein or Noodles?

Two girls talking to each other... I could make out from their talk that one of the girls is going to Delhi for a short trip, she had been there earlier also. I also could make out that the other girl knows about Delhi, have been there for a short period. 

First girl is so excited about her Delhi trip, especially for local shopping and street food. Of course, Delhi is famous for street food. Second girl is suggesting her to go to Lajpat Nagar market and Sarojini nagar market for local shopping and street food hogging. She showed her excitement and love for tandoori momos which you get only in Delhi. I also badly missed tandoori momos of Delhi which they serve with mayonnaise. The first girl was then more excited about her short trip . 

First girl: I want to go to many places but I don't have time. I love Delhi street food. So in Delhi they don't call noodles as noodles. They use a different name. I don't remember the name . What's that name? 

2nd girl : Spaghetti? 

First girl : No! I am talking about street shops, the local ones.

2nd girl: oh yeah... they call it Chowmein . 

First girl : Yes right. They called it Chowmein. Last time I asked for noodles they looked at me as if I asked for some alien food. Chinese will wonder seeing Delhi version of noodles... Chowmein.

I wonder myself... what about Mumbai triple... where they mix rice with noodles and serve with Manchurian and shev (bhujia). I still don't understand how can someone mix rice and noodles together . 


  1. WHaaaaat? Noodles, rice and sev bhujia :O Good Lord!

    1. ha ha ha... that was my reaction also... :D :)