Thursday, November 23, 2017

Tumhari Sulu Movie Review

Tumhari Sulu Movie Review

Movie Review - Tumhari Sulu

This is one of the rarest cases where I went for a movie without having any clue about the movie. A friend of mine said let's go for this Vidya Balan movie. I said okay . We went for an evening show at an INOX.

Starting of the movie clearly depicts that it is a movie revolving around a woman from a middle class family. Sulochana aka Sulu is a housewife from a middle class family . She is shown as unsuccessful 12 class failed woman who tried her hands on so many things but failed in everything she tried. But she doesn't give up. She is always compared with her twin sisters who are doing well in their respective lives and career. Sulu 's husband is a struggling man, who works for a garment firm for the past 12 years. He is not happy with his work life. Sulu has a son also who add some humour and unnecessary tenstion to the story.

First half of the movie is interesting, as audience and as Vidya Balan's fan you would be keen to know what is coming next. From housewife, all of a sudden she became a late night RJ who works under Neha Dhupia. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Neha Dhupia.  She adds glamour and masala to this middle class family drama. Second half was boring, I feel that writers didn't know what to add in 2nd half, so they filled some unnecessary drama. Clearly story was dragged in 2nd half. Then all of a sudden they realised times up, movie needed to be over and they made it over. No kidding.

I give Tumhari Sulu 2 stars... for Vidya Balan and Neha Dhupia.


  1. I had hopes with the movie but the second half was definitely a disappointment.

    1. Yes dear... 2nd half was a total disappointment. Sorry for late reply :)