Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Life in Mumbai Local Train ... Episode 1

Life in Mumbai Local Train Episode 1
Life in Mumbai Local Train is equally interesting like Life in Delhi Metro. I don't want to compare these two interesting journeys. With excitement I am writing my first episode of Life in Mumbai Local Train. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it. 

It was a normal working day, I boarded the train at Marine Lines which is just one station away from Churchgate station where I had to get down. I sat next to three women. They must be in their late 40s or early 50s. They were going to work, I guess they work together. Like the way I and my friends do, they were discussing about 26 Jan holiday travel plan. Don't go by their looks and age , they were three smart women who could easily beat even teenagers in terms of energy and excitement. They planned to go to Aurangabad and visit Ajanta Elora . They planned to return on a Monday and go to office directly. Man ... this is what I do all the time... return on a Monday and go directly to work. I feel so happy to know that I am not alone.

It was a very short journey but I thoroughly enjoyed listening to their conversation. After they successfully planned their travel they moved to a new topic ... topic about a movie where there is Sanjeev Kumar and Shashi Kapoor . I have no clue which movie they were talking about . Then one of the ladies started singing a song from the movie . Another woman joined her. Then all three of them started singing together. They were least bothered about what others might be thinking about them... That's how it should be. A morning Mumbai local train journey like this is most welcome . 

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