Wednesday, August 9, 2017

How do I care less about likes on Facebook?

How do I care less about likes on Facebook Facebook Likes

Are Facebook Likes Important?

Today someone asked me on Quora... How do I care less about likes on Facebook?. At first glance I thought what a stupid question, but on serious note many people are going through this emotional dilemma, especially teenagers and young crowd. I remember, a colleague once told me that his niece was depressed because her FB posts got less likes. I would like to share my thoughts on this. Hope it helps to overcome emotional imbalance due to social media likes or no-likes. 

•    First of all, treat your FB timelines as your open diary. Unlike personal diary you allow open diary to be read by people - like, comment, share.
•    Keep in mind that whatever you are posting or sharing is primarily for yourself so that you can read them or refer them in future, smile at your stupidity and achievements later when you look back. Feel embarrassed on some embarrassing posts which you didn't realize that they were embarrassing at that point of time. Use it as a medium to self evaluate the changes in you, to know how have you evolved yourself.
•    Engrave in your mind that likes and comments from people are secondary. It is good if people like your posts. But it is also totally okay if no one likes or notices your posts, good for them. Whatever you posted, you posted for yourself and not for others.

Love Yourself

Last important bit... love yourself, live your life first for yourself, then for others. Stop comparing yourself with others. If you have FB account, trust me you are luckier than more than half of the world population. Learn to be happy and content with whatever you have in your life. Work hard on achieving your dreams. Stay happy!

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