Thursday, August 24, 2017

Help Others to Help Yourself

Help Others to Help Yourself Floods in India

Small things make big differences

We all have heard about massive floods in North East, Bihar and many other places in India. Thousands of people have lost everything. Now is the time again when we can show some selflessness to the needy people. We can help them in small possible ways. If you work for some company or organization, please tell your Employer to get connected with an authentic and authorized NGO (if not connected yet). If you are an individual or self employed , then approach an NGO directly.

Connect with an NGO

For people like me who are relocating to a new place, this is a good opportunity to help others and help ourselves. Since we are shifting to a new place and we can't carry everything with us, why don't we give most of our stuff to the needy people? It is any day better than dumping our stuff somewhere. I work for a good Organization who got linked with a good renowned NGO. I received an email from our HR about giving non monetary support to these affected people through this NGO. It was strictly mentioned not to give monetary support. I myself is against giving monetary support to NGOs. I have heard about many NGOs who are virtually there in papers, emails and presentations but not in reality. All money actually go to the pocket of the people who run such fake NGOs. Beware of such organizations . 

Help Flood Victims 

After reading the email from HR, I went home, took out my two big suitcases, put everything I could in them. They include my woolen clothes, my favourite overcoats, curtains, bed sheets, blankets, towels, sarees, shawls, utensils, shoes and food which could be kept for long. I am listing them to give you an idea on what and all you can give to these needy people. I am sure there are many more things which you could give them.

I always believe in one thing... Help others to help yourself. This is one of those time where I am helping others to help myself . Now it's your turn. Please help these people, trust me,  it is in your interest .

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