Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Girls Safety... A big Question Mark

Girls Safety... A big Question Mark Safety of Girls

Are our girls safe?

12 years old girl was raped and killed, 8 years old girl kidnapped and raped... these are the news I am getting to read almost everyday. It is indeed very sad and disturbing. This disturbance made me write this post sitting in a flight. In my 3 hours of flight I was thinking about this major crime, what is the root cause and how to fight it. I am not an expert, I am just trying to put some valid points for awareness and alertness. 

When the topic is about girls being raped or molested, accused are of two types... known person or a stranger. A known person could be your friend, family or relative. It is hard to think that any of our known contact could think of harming or abusing us. But our inner instinct is unbiased, it will treat everyone equally. Always listen to your inner instinct, it's your saviour inside you. If your inner instinct signals something negative about anyone or any situation, run away. This anyone could be a known person or a stranger. And situation could be any situation. Second saviour after your inner instinct is your mom. Mother is our shield. A Mom knows best about her child... what is good, bad, right, wrong. Perhaps a young child  couldn't foresee what trouble is coming to her but a Mom could sense it. It's mother's responsibility to make sure her child is surrounded by good people in the family. This applies especially for big joint families and extended families. As a mother always be open to your daughter, educate her about child abuse when she reaches an age of 3 or 4. Continue to educate and discuss this topic on regular basis so that your child will also open up with any foreseen danger or warning.

Second type of person who could harm us is a stranger. Again here I would emphasise on listening to your inner instinct. If you sense something not right when being around a stranger, run away. Trust me it could save your life. Delhi is infamous for being the crime capital of India. Living in Delhi for many years I follow some safety measures myself which I would like to share with you. I always carry a pepper spray in my bag. When I think that I may need it I take it out from my bag and hold it in such a way that I can spray it easily and quickly to anyone. In my car side pocket there is a hammer and a pair of scissors. Car is a machine, any part of any machine can break down anytime. Scissors will save you when your seat belt gets jammed and you are unable to open it. Hammer will help you when your car gets locked accidentally including power windows. Break the window with the hammer. These scissors and hammer could also rescue you when someone tries to attack you when you are inside your car. But be very careful these defense equipments can attack you instead if they get into the attacker hands.

Self Defense

Self defense is the best defense. Parents should make their children go for self defense classes like karate, boxing etc. It's okay to miss their music class or dance class but don't let them miss their self-defense class. We all should learn at least some basic self defense steps. When someone tries to grope you or grab you, use your nails and teeth, bite their ears , scratch their eyes. Use your knees and elbows to punch them, kick them and you  know very well where to kick. The point I want to put is our safety is mostly in our hands. Be safe. 

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