Monday, August 21, 2017

Be like people of Manipur (or Don't?)

Be Like People of Manipur (or Don't?) People of Manipur

Super cool people of Manipur

If someone asks me who are the coolest people in India, I would say people of Manipur. I am not saying this because I am a Manipuri, I am saying this because they are actually super cool. Sometime ago people made hue and cry about intolerance. Media was covered with news on intolerenace. #intolerance was trending on twitter. Many celebrities also talked on this topic, some got into controversies. But let me tell you, you will find the most tolerant people in Manipur. 

Being one of the least heard and ignored states of India, many people don't know that  there were frequent economic blockade in Manipur, cutting off normal movement of trucks on National Highways 2 and 37 which are lifelines of Manipur. All goods and commodities reach Manipur through these highways. During this time every item would cost at double or triple the original price. Petrol would cost up to 300 per litre, gas cylinder would cost more than INR 1000. Despite this rocket high price people will continue to buy stuff. Due to less supply very few petrol pumps would be open. There would be very long queue for petrol. People would stand in the queue from 3 am in the morning (I am not kidding). No one talks about intolerance. Instead people would find out some fun activities to do like play some games, chit-chat while waiting for their turns. I didn't hear anyone complaining . 

Last year November demonetization happened. Like people of any other State of India, people of Manipur were also affected. There were long queues in front of banks and ATMs. I live in Delhi and everyday I heard about people cribbing. But Manipuri people didn't crib about it. Instead they took it as a medium for recreation. People would have early dinner and come out of their houses, wait in the queue, play some games, women would be engrossed in never ending chit-chats. Young girls and boys would come all decked up as if it's not ATM queue but a fashion show ramp.

Disclaimer : This is completely my personal observation, not facts. I may be wrong in some of the points. 

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