Monday, July 17, 2017

Live Life Kingsize at Kumarakom

Live Life Kingsize at Kumarakom

Travel to Kumarakom

During my college days, Kerala was like my second home. During short holidays I used to stay at my Malayali friends’ places. I have many good friends from Kerala, lots of fond memories. Happiness is we are still best friends even though we are now in different corners of the world. One great thing about having friends scattered around the globe is anywhere you go, you are not alone, someone is there to welcome you.

View of another houseboat from our houseboat 

I am a traveler - a backpacker, not the one who looks for luxury trips. That is why I prefer Airbnb where I get to meet new people, homely stay, home cooked food etc. But this trip was different. I and my travel partner booked a private houseboat at Kumarakom Kerala. Kumarakom is a small village in the backwaters of Kerala. The place is around 2 hours from Cochin airport. We went to this place directly from the airport. We reached there around 4pm. We were welcome by the houseboat Captain. I was amazed to the see the houseboat – beautiful inside and out. I thought since we have taken a private houseboat, it would be small with one room. But it was like a proper house – Open drawing hall, bedroom with attached bathroom and air conditioner, dinning hall with air conditioner and kitchen. 
Panoramic view from our houseboat

Captain started the engine, houseboat started to sail. I stood near the captain enjoying the view of greens, water and sound of different kinds of birds. Captain told us to freshen up, hot lunch would be served in 15mins. And in no time, cook came to tell us that the food was ready to be served. Varieties of food were served. Cook told us that fish was freshly caught from the water. It was indeed an amazing experience to enjoy the luscious lunch while sailing and enjoying the beauty of nature.

Food... sooooo yummmmmmy 

After a lavish lunch we continued to enjoy our houseboat ride… cool breeze, beautiful lotus plants, different varieties of birds flying around and chirping, small houses on one side of the water, paddy fields on the other side of the water. After sometime, we were served tea with pakoda. It was getting darker, captain brought the boat to the dock. The team then covered the boat with net so that mosquitoes and other insects did not enter inside the houseboat. Houseboat was equipped with LED TV and home theater. We played some good music, we danced, we sang too. Captain got us the Kerala local wine Toddy. After sometime, my Malayali friends joined us, we had Toddy together. Toddy had a funny taste but too strong for me. After spending some good time together, my friends left.

Can you see the beautiful lotus flowers?

Village at the backwaters

Kerala Backwaters

Next day morning, we woke up to find ourselves in the middle of water. I asked myself… What if all my mornings were like this? Cook served us hot coffee while we continued to enjoy the royal treatment, the royal beauty and greenery around. This trip was different from my regular trips… there were no hopping from here to there, no food on the go. It was vivid luxury.

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