Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Life in a Delhi Metro... Episode 14

Life in a Delhi Metro... Episode 14

Life in a Delhi Metro

I was heading to MG Metro Station from MGF Mall Gurgaon. A mother and daughter were coming out of the metro station. You must be wondering how can I be so confident that they were mother daughter. Well the little girl exactly looked like her mom. But the strange thing was the mother looked simple with no make-up, she was wearing a simple track suit but her daughter who must be around 8 years old was completely decked up. She was wearing a fancy T-shirt and short ripped jeans. Her costumes were not the problem, problem was her tiny little face was decked up with make-up from shinning eye shadows to mascara to lipstick . Her loud make-up totally covered her innocence, innocence of a child. I wondered myself ... When I was 8 I was busy playing with my dolls, chasing butterflies and fireflies, playing with my brothers and sisters. It is very sad to see that a chunk of this generation is gone all plastic. 

Dear Parents, I hope this is not your story .

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