Thursday, June 1, 2017

We are over but I want my socks back!

Relationships and Break Ups

Millennial Kids

These millennial kids are all about tindering, finding new dates, getting hooked in a blink of an eye, breaking up in next blink. Aisha is a young girl doing her engineering from a reputed college in Delhi. She is smart, good looking and good at her studies. Arnav is an average looking boy working for a media house. They met each other at Aisha's college fest. They exchanged numbers. They started talking, went on a couple of good dates. Things clicked between them and in no time they started seeing each other. Good going...

Young Generation Kids

One bit for the young generation ... Stop living in a superficial world. Open your eyes and try to see the ground reality of this world. Coming back to Aisha and Arnav, things are going good between them. Aisha is a responsible girl from a small town, Arnav is an obedient son brought up by good parents. Perhaps they are going to prove that current generation is not that bad, they value people and relationships. Alas, I am wrong. They take no time in getting into relationship, they take lesser time in breaking the same. But one thing I admire about these young people is they move on so fast and smoothly, no hangups, no grudges. In a blink of an eye Aisha is out of the relationship, she is going on a date with another cool dude. Arnav is partying hard with his friends, I don't know if that's a break up party. Both are happy. Only one thing which is bothering Aisha is... I left my socks at Arnav's place. That's my favorite cute bunny socks. I want them back.

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