Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Life in a Delhi Metro... Episode 13

Life in a Delhi Metro - Senior Citizen

Delhi Metro Ride

It was one of those regular crowded days inside Delhi Metro. As any ordinary day I was busy on my phone reading something. When I looked up I saw a senior woman standing in front of me. I believe that I am a good human being but I am not too nice of a person. If I was too nice I would have instantly given my seat to the woman in her early 60s, instead, I told her... Auntie please take that corner seat reserved for senior citizens. She smiled and said No, it's fine. I thought she might be getting down at the nearby station, I asked her to confirm the same. But I got to know that her station is 45 mins away. My station is 50 mins away. I told her once again Please take that seat, you have a long way to go. She smiled and said It would be tough to reach that corner as it's crowded here. She was right, it was indeed very crowded. I might not be too nice but my inner conscience did not allow me to sit in front of the senior woman standing in front of me. I offered her my seat, she denied saying ... It would be awkward to take your seat. I stood up and insisted her to sit on my seat. I smiled and said... It would be more awkward to make a senior citizen stand.

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