Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Hindu Holy Side of Goa

Hindu Holy Side of Goa Colva Beach
 Colva Beach - What do you see in the sky?

Ponda City of Temples

We know Goa as the land of churches, beaches, beer, feni, cashew, sea food... list goes on. But do you know that Goa has beautiful temples, many of them? Ponda is a small town in South Goa famously known as City of Temples. I was amazed to see so many beautiful temples. Goa is my favorite destination in India. Since our last stay in Goa was in North Goa near the crowded Calangute Beach, this time we decided to stay in quiet South Goa near Colva Beach. Monsoon had just started in Goa and we loved the drizzles while walking on the beach. 

Big Foot Goa

Next day morning we went to a famous tourist spot in South Goa - Ancestral Goa where they have very nicely recreated ancient Goa village. Inside this place, there was a cave inside which there was Lord Mahadev temple and a big foot which is famous as Big Foot - You touch it and your wish will come true. Being Lord Mahadev's devotee, I felt happy to find Shivji there. Outside the temple there was a souvenir shop. My left knee was in pain since the time I came back from my bike trip to Hatu Peak. I tried some oil, balms, yoga, nothing worked. There was some unique oil being sold a the shop, shopkeeper told me it would release all my body pains. Without second thought I bought a bottle of the oil, opened it there and applied on my knee. I applied again while sitting in the car. I don't know if it's the oil or Lord Mahadev's blessings or blessing from the Lucky Big Foot, my knee pain was gone by evening. Har Har Mahadev!!! 
Ancestral Goa

After coming out from Ancestral Goa, we went to Shanta Durga Temple. All temples are around Ponda city, so we did not take time reaching these places. Otherwise, it normally takes time to go from one place to another and during peak season, roads are packed. Another thing I observed at temples in Ponda city was there is a beautiful tall multi-decker temple like structure in front of every temple. Shanta Durga Temple was big and beautiful. Pond in front of the temple was equally beautiful. 
 Multi-Decker Temple like structure

Shanta Durga Temple

Pond in front of Shanta Durga Temple

Mangeshi Temple

Mangeshi Temple is another very famous temple in Goa. It is again Mahadev's Temple. Our driver told us that the land belongs to Lata Mangeshkar's family and that's why the name Mangeshi. He also told us that Sachin Tendulkar came to this temple before he started his cricket career. I love the long narrow road which leads to the temple. We went to another temple called Mahalsa Temple. It is famous for it's tall lamp standing very tall and beautiful in front of the temple. By afternoon we were done with our spiritual visits to holy places. The next thing we said to ourselves... Let's hit the beaches, let's get drunk... 
 Mahalsa Temple

Entry to Mahalsa Temple

 Way to Mangeshi Temple


  1. Nicely describe nirmla hope you enjoyed a lot in rainy goa...

    1. Thanks Shashank for dropping a very nice comment. Yes, I did enjoy a lot :)