Monday, May 15, 2017

Suicide among Students… Time to Act!

Suicide Among Students

Stop Suicide

Today morning when I opened my phone to read latest news and updates I was shocked to hear about 12 students who committed suicide in Madhya Pradesh. It is very SHOCKING! I read the complete article, as expected all children who committed suicide were extremely depressed with their exam results, some failed and some scored bad grades. Students who scored above 70% also committed suicide. It is high time we as parents, family members and society take some serious actions to stop such menace before it's too late. 

First of all, we need to be practical and identify the ground reasons for such suicide cases. I am not an expert, I am just trying to raise and spread this issue with the mass, experts comments and inputs would be very much appreciated. As parents we should be friendly with our children. Be strict when it is required. In this generation parents need to play multiple roles in front of our children… role of teacher, friend, trainer, strict parents, liberal parents. When you are friendly with your children, they tend to be more open with you and share everything with you including their problems. That's where you will get to know what is bothering them. That's where you will know if their studies and exams are bothering them. As parents we should mentor our children that nothing is more important than their own lives, not even exams. Guide our children to be competitive, to work hard, to give their best in their studies and exams but at the same time we as parents and teachers should not pressurize them. Nothing is worse than children getting into depression due to study and exam pressure. We as parents have to be supportive, bring confidence in our children that we are there for them even if they score bad in their exams. Let them know that bad score in exams is not the end of the world. Bad score should be used as a tool to motivate our children to perform better in their next exam.
As a responsible citizen we should put efforts to stop such menace happening in different corners of our country. Just because such menace is not happening in your family, please don’t be quiet. Talk about this grievous issue with your friends, colleagues, cook, maid, driver etc. Find out if any family is going through similar situation. Find out if they are handling it the right way. If not, help them in dealing it the right way. Tell your contacts to follow this practice. Let’s educate ourselves and spread awareness. This could save a child.


  1. Yes burning issue...Time for parents to learn lesson

    1. Yes dear, its indeed a burning issue. Let's do our part to stop this.