Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Life in a Delhi Metro... Episode 12

Life in a Delhi Metro Episode 12
Life in a Delhi Metro Episode 12

Life in a Delhi Metro - Tie story

A smart sophisticated young girl... A future lawyer wearing a smart white formal shirt and a jet black skirt... was sitting in a crowded metro from Rajiv Chowk to Noida sector 18. A shy average looking boy but very well dressed was standing right in front of her. She scanned him top to bottom, everything was perfect except for his tie... Long clumsy wrongly knotted tie. This young girl found it obnoxious. She kept looking at his tie. After realizing that the guy was feeling uncomfortable, she tried to divert her attention to something else. But her subconscious mind didn't​ allow her to do that. She again stared at his tie. I guess she is an OCD patient or has some kind of phobia. Poor boy, knowing what is going on , he tried to fix his tie, but he failed miserably. The girl finally lost her cool, she stood up and said... Can I fix your tie? Boy was taken aback by the girl's gesture, he didn't know what to say, he gasped and said Yes! Bold girl fixed his tie so well. The boy was blushing, he said  thank you with a smile. I am sure the boy must be singing in his mind... American Authors Best day of my life. The girl was also in peace after helping the boy.

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