Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Trip to Heaven

Tsomgo Lake
 Tsomgo Lake, Sikkim

Sikkim, Kalimpong and Darjeeling

Our journey to Sikkim, Kalimpong and Darjeeling started from Delhi. Nearest airport to all these places is Bagdogra airport. We reached Bagdogra airport around 3:30 pm, drive from Bagdogra airport to Sikkim capital Gangtok took around 4hrs. We had pre-booked all our stays. I was pleasantly surprised when the hotel members greeted us and told us that they were waiting for us. Another surprise was the hotel was run by women only. One lady helped us with our luggage. Very sweet people, God bless them . 
Sikkim Authentic Chicken Momos 

Early morning we got ready to go to the extreme side of Sikkim near China border. Only big cars, jeeps or SUVs are allowed on those roads. It took around 3 hours to reach the extreme point where we were allowed to go with a special Government permit. Roads are steep, rough and at times dangerous but worth it. One unique thing I observed was mountains on one side of the road are covered with snow and the ones on the other side are rocked and rough. We stopped at a village for lunch. People are very warm and sweet. Villagers have opened shops in their small houses, their own kitchens are used for making food for travellers also. As we proceed further, the view became more and more beautiful and breathtaking. Being surrounded by beautiful  mountains covered with snow I wondered myself Is this heaven? Does heaven look like this?
Sikkim Exotic Flowers 

Tsomgo Lake of Sikkim

The famous Tsomgo Lake of Sikkim... It is sooooo beautiful , it looks like a lake in heaven. No kidding! During winter the entire lake freezes adding more shine and beauty to the lake and its surrounding. While enjoying the view of this beautiful lake, I felt some dry drops on me. For a moment I thought it was raining , later I saw white tiny balls... It was snowfall! Experiencing snowfall for the first time... Amazing!!! 

Way to Sikkim-China Border 

 Shivji far at the hill of Sikkim

From Gangtok we went to Kalimpong. We enjoyed our road trip, views kept changing from time to time, from river flowing beside us to uniformed tall trees standing straight and still... Every moment excited us. One of the best views was Triveni Sangam where three mountains and two rivers meet.  Roads are tiny yet beautiful in Kalimpong. I have seen many monasteries in and outside India, but the one I saw in Kalimpong is the best. From Kalimpong we went to Darjeeling. Again the road trip was awesome with beautiful views throughout the journey. We all know Darjeeling is famous for Darjeeling Tea. Happiness is going to the real Darjeeling Tea Gardens, having  freshly brewed original Darjeeling tea sitting near the tea garden. But for me the best experience was watching early morning sunrise from Tiger Hill. Sun ray then reflects on Mt. Kanchenjunga. It looks like God Himself is evolving from behind the mountains and showering blessings on Mother Earth.  I could die for this experience. No more words. 
Darjeeling Tea Garden

Sunrise at Tiger Hill Darjeeling

Beautiful Trees - Sikkim to Kalimpong Road

Monastery at Kalimpong

Triveni Sangam, Kalimpong


  1. This place is surely heavenly. Added to my wish list. Snapshots are beautifully captured.

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