Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Solo Trip to Pattaya

Solo trip to Pattaya

Sanctuary Of Truth
 The Sanctuary Of Truth

Travel to Pattaya

Why I like Thailand??? Reasons are many. First reason would be... I looooove Thai food. I love beaches and there are many beautiful beaches in Thailand. Things are so cheap in Thailand... I am mostly talking about food, dresses and travel. And not to miss... I find it a very safe country for women. 

I did not stay in a luxury hotel in Pattaya. Hotels are much more cheaper in Thailand as compared to many other countries including India. But this time, a friend suggested me to stay in a hostel. She told me about a hostel which is near Pattaya beach. I didn't take much time in enquiring about it, and booked a room for myself with female-only roommates . I reached Pattaya around 10:30 at night, reached hostel in no time. I was surprised to see the hospitality of the hostel owner. She was very sweet. Rooms were spotless clean. I took an ac room , where my Nigerian roommate was waiting for me. She was also a solo traveler like me. We didn't talk much as we both were very tired. I took a shower and went off to sleep. 

Explore Pattaya Beaches

Before every travel I normally do my rough homework, I list down the places I want to visit as per recommendations and reviews given by real people in internet. I avoid seeing pictures available in internet, they are mostly high resolution pictures taken by expert photographers, there are chances that the pictures turn out to be much more beautiful than the original places. And you don't want to disappoint yourself, right? I don't set any expectation, my plan is simple... go and see the places yourself, enjoy the moments. I hired a scooter and told the rider to take me to the places I have listed down . He first took me to Pattaya Beach where I had breakfast. I loved the coffee... Very strong and creamy. I didn't spend much time at Pattaya Beach, I told the rider I will spend the evening there. Then he took me to Walking street which I should visit at night but I had a late night flight. The place reminded me of Goa. Then I went to Jomtien Beach, it was more peaceful and beautiful than Pattaya Beach. Pattaya Beach was like one of those crowded North Goa beaches, Jomtien Beach was like one of those untouched quiet South Goa beaches. 
Jomtien Beach 

After spending some quiet time at Jomtien Beach I went to the Big Buddha temple which is at the top of a hill. There was a huge and extremely beautiful Buddha statue. I enjoyed the two-wheeler ride to the hills something I don't get to enjoy in India. After this I headed to the famous floating market. I can spend the entire day here. I love everything about this place... the boats which sell everything from food to flowers to dresses, the well maintained tiny bridges, shops on land which sell stuff starting from THB 10. I pampered myself with a fish spa which I did for the first time. 100s of tiny fishes enjoyed eating my dead skin, they attacked my feet as if they were hungry for ages. Initially it was very tickling but it was complete fun. 

The Big Buddha Temple
Steps to the Big Buddha Temple

 Pattaya Floating Market

Lady selling Indian Food

Live Performance and Food at Floating Market

The final point I planned to go was The Sanctuary Of Truth. It is one of the top most beautiful places I have ever seen. It's a beautiful Hindu temple made of wood and wood only. The silent beach next to this place adds to the beauty of this place. Fragrance of plumeria filled the air, I could sit there forever and enjoy the view of the gigantic temple and the silent beach. I have never seen such a serene beach. I left the place after spending some good time alone with a promise that I would come back.

  Golden Tree at The Sanctuary of Truth

Beach near Santuary of Truth 
View of Santuary of Truth from the beach

Way to Sanctuary of Truth


  1. I am mostly talking about food, dresses and travel. And not to miss..

  2. Thanks mate for sharing about your solo trip to Pattaya, these tours did really good and impressive work. Good to learn about Pattaya trips and how amazing and fun they can be, appreciated post share.