Sunday, April 2, 2017

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

Someone said ... Men are from Mars, women are from Venus. Someone said it so right .

Jazz and Jamie got to know each other through their common friends. Both Jazz and Jamie are single and ready to mingle. Their first meeting went so well that they decided to go on a date . They went for a couple of dates. Then one evening Jazz told Jamie... I want to spend rest of my life with you, will you? Jamie said Yes.

Love affair started between Jazz and Jamie. Things are beautiful between them, Jazz turns out to be quite romantic which pleasantly surprised Jamie. They would make sure that they spend most of their time together. Things are getting serious between them. They both introduced each other to their respective families, everyone is happy, everyone wants to see them getting married. Then one day Jazz proposed Jamie for a live-in relationship. Jamie wholeheartedly said Yes. But God has a separate plan for them. Jamie moved to another country for work. Will their long distance relationship work?

Things are not same anymore. They don’t talk much, their romance died very young. Earlier, it was Jazz who was more keen to marry Jamie, but now he does not want to talk about marriage. He told Jamie that he wants to have a live-in relationship before thinking about marriage. But he does not want her to leave her job, compromise with her career. Jamie is thankful that Jazz is very understanding when it comes to her career. But she didn’t know that live-in relationship was a crucial factor for their relationship to take to next level. She gets another blow when Jazz expresses his point that according to him they are not in a relationship as neither they live together nor things are official between them. Jazz told Jamie… There is no “Us”. Jamie wonders herself… No marriage, no relationship, no romance, no spark… no “Us”… Is this love???

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