Sunday, April 2, 2017

A busy day in Delhi ...

Busy day in Delhi Based on a true story ...

It was a normal busy morning in Delhi. Two professors of Delhi University who are basically from Manipur took an uber cab to go to University. They sat in the cab. As usual they got stuck in heavy traffic jam. Driver asked them "Kya aapke China mai bhi aisa hota hai? (Does it happen in your China also ?)" . One of the professors lost his cool, he asked the driver "For how long you have been in Delhi?". Driver said 5 years . Professor said ... You are here for over 5 years , you drive a cab and you don't know there is a section of India which is called North East India which is not China or Nepal . Just because we have similar looks, you will address us as people from China? You have similar looks like people of Pakistan, how will you feel if we ask you Is it the same in your Pakistan?".

Before asking a North East Indian if he/ she is from China, Nepal etc , ask yourself how would you feel if you are asked Are you from Pakistan?

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