Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Delhi - Ajmer - Pushkar

Trip to Delhi, Ajmer, Pushkar

Ajmer Sharif Dargah

Ajmer Sharif Dargah... I have heard a lot about this place... Whoever goes here doesn't come empty handed. Even though I am a Hindu , I believe God is One, He takes many forms and names. I wanted to go to Ajmer Sharif Dargah to pray for myself and for my near & dear ones. Somehow I have a feeling that all my prayers would be answered, I have faith in Him. I also wanted to visit the only Brahma temple in the entire world which is located in Pushkar. It excited me when I got to know that these two places are just 10 kms apart. Falling sick just a day before my travel disappointed me but God is great, I am all fit and fine on the day of journey. We were 5 funny people all set for our trip. We boarded our late night bus from Chandni Chowk Delhi. We reached Ajmer early morning at 7 am, reached our guest house in no time. Dargah was hardly 5 minutes walk from the guest house . If you follow my blog, you would know that I have a special attachment for Rajasthan and I have covered many parts of Rajasthan. But Ajmer didn't give me that feeling of Rajasthan. Walking in the crowded street i felt like I was walking in Old Delhi. But after entering inside the Dargah, things changed. There is no disturbance in my mind, it's only God and His strong presence. I felt so content after coming out of Dargah. 
Ajmer Sharif Dargah

Ajmer place for food lovers

Everyone knows that I am a foodie and my stories will be incomplete without mentioning about food. You will be surprise to know that I had the best Pau-Bhaji in Ajmer . If you are a non-vegetarian, don't miss to have Laal Maas (Red Mutton Masala). My Rajasthani friends say... Rajasthan aake laal maas nah khaya toh kya khaya (Coming to Rajasthan and not having laal maas, not done.). And the Ajmer small oranges... very sweet, very tasty.

Camel safari

Fun time at Pushkar

Pushkar is hardly 10 kms away from Ajmer. We took a cab and went to Pushkar. We first went to Pushkar Lake. It is a beautiful lake near Brahma Temple. Then we headed to the only Brahma Temple in the world. For people who are curious like me why there is no other Brahma temple or whey Brahma ji is not worshipped by human being, please Google (like I did). After visiting Brahma temple, we went for Pushkar Sand Safari. My travel partners were little disappointed because they thought it would be a desert safari. I told them for an amazing desert safari they should go to Jaisalmer or Abu Dhabi. But the camel safari was no less fun, even though it was not thrilling like the desert safari in Thar Desert and Abu Dhabi. We had a musician in our group with his guitar. Vinod did some fusion songs with the gypsies in the village. It was amazing... Vinod with his guitar, gypsies with their musical instruments. How could I not dance with the gypsies?? There were music, song and dance. The best part was... We did this rock show at the set of the hindi movie Karan Arjun. No kidding ... We were at the spot where some parts of this movie was shot. In fact we covered places where this movie and some other movies were shot. Our musical concert continued till night. Venue was changed from Karan Arjun set to our guest house . Vinod continued to play some good music. Priscilla and Shammi sang quite well unlike me who croaked like a frog. Pynschem is the scientist in our group. He reminded me of Sheldon Cooper of The Big Bang Theory. I guess scientists don't sing, he slept while we continued to croak, I mean sing. It is always fun to travel with active and adventurous people. Next day morning we went for a cycle ride, we covered Ajmer city by bicycle. Riding a cycle after my school days was amazing. It is good to realize that I still ride well. Riding next to the beautiful Ana sagar lake was a different feeling altogether. By afternoon Sun was too bright, we rested under a tree next to the lake. A group of fishermen came in two boats for fishing. For a moment I felt like we were watching National Geographic or TLC. Like small kids, we eagerly watched how they were catching fishes. We were amazed to see the number of fishes caught in their net. They were many. I asked the fishermen if I can buy some fish , they said no... My bad

Ana Sagar Lake

Ajmer and Pushkar are two small places, they have their unique charm and stories. We spent two days here, but you can cover both the places in just one day. For me the best highlights are the visit to Ajmer Sharif Dargah, sand safari and the cycle ride. 

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