Friday, November 18, 2016

Who is carrying whom???

Who is carrying whom... interesting stories of interesting people

Two Stories

Today morning while having breakfast in office, my colleague told me about an incident which happened with her yesterday. She was in a public transport, a very fat woman was sitting next to her, it was her who gave her space to sit but instead of being thankful, the woman was complaining that she didn't have enough space to sit. My colleague got irritated with her reaction. This incident happened last night but she was still carrying the irritation with her. Her story reminded me of two stories which I shared with her to make her feel good... 

Don't get annoyed with over-sized people just because they consume more space and they are cranky. You don't know what is going through their body and mind. Sorry for using the word "fat", a friend of mine who is very fat went to a nutritionist as she was worried with her weight. She told the doctor in a humorous way... Doctor, I am young and single. But seeing my size, people think that I am a mother of more than one child. Doctor smiled and said... You are great. No one takes these comments so easily and so humorously. More than the size, you should be concerned about your body. Your situation is like a normal girl carrying a full gas cylinder all the time. Let me help you in taking this cylinder out of your body. My friend laughed out loud. But not everyone is like her who is very jolly. 

My second story is on carrying something in our mind for long which my colleague did. It's a story which I heard somewhere, which I liked it so much. There was a group of Buddhist monks who were walking inside a jungle. After walking for some miles they came across a river. There was a girl sitting on the river bank. She was very beautiful with long thick hair, deep blue eyes and flawless skin. But her beautiful face was covered with sadness. She wanted to cross the river, but she was scared to do so thinking that the river must be very deep and she didn't know how to swim. Seeing the monks, she requested the monks... Can one of you please carry me in your arms and help me cross the river?. Monks looked at each other and said... We are monks, we cannot carry a woman in our arms. This is against our principles. But one young monk came out and said... No problem, I will carry you in my arms and drop you to the other side of the river. The young girl was very thankful to this monk. He carried her and dropped her to the other side of the river. All the monks continued to walk towards their destination. After 3 hours, a monk from the group asked this young monk... How could you do that? How could you carry a woman with your arms? We are monks, we are not supposed to do that. The young monk replied... That point of time when the young girl needed our help, I didn't see her as a woman, I saw her as a human being who needed help. I carried a human being who needed help. It's been 3 hours, I carried her and dropped her. But you are the one who has been carrying her in your mind for so long, you are still carrying her. 

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