Sunday, August 7, 2016

Why do I still believe in true love?

Why do I still believe in True Love
True Love

True Love

I have come across assholes in life. But I still believe in love. I still believe that true love does exist. Why won't I? I have a real life example in front of my own eyes... A true story of true love... Love story of my mom and dad. My mom was a heart patient even before I was born, even before she was married. Doctor advised her not to get married, not to have a family. It might complicate her case. But my dad was adamant. He told my mom I will marry you, I will do everything possible for you. I am ready to face the consequences but I will never give up on you. My dad is an amazing man, he married my mom despite knowing that the journey was not going to be easy. He kept his promise. He did everything possible for my mom. He spent fortune for her. I still remember an uncle telling me when I was small... No one would do all these what your dad is doing for your mom. It's him that's why it's possible. 

My belief in true love gets firmer seeing this sweet couple. Wife is a blood cancer patient. She looked so beautiful I couldn't believe what I heard. I wished I heard it wrong. She was not just beautiful but was also a very courageous woman, no worry or sadness on her face. Her eyes said She was a fighter. Husband was the weaker half. He told me when she was not around... Hers is not a cure, just suppressing the spread. We have to come every 3 months for treatment. We are in love for more than 15 years. I will not give up. I will do everything possible for her. Before bidding Goodbye, I wanted to tell her Get well soon but I didn't. I was concerned that they might feel bad or sad. But I did pray for her that very moment... God bless you!

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