Thursday, July 28, 2016

Excuse me Doctor!!!

Encounter with a funny doctor Funny Doctor

Some doctors are funny

I know I look younger than my age but a doctor who must be of my age or may be a year or two elder to me calling me... Beta (Child)... is something non-digestible. I asked myself Is it the way he addresses his patients and their attendants? Is it because he noticed my step-mom's age and made his own calculation of my age thinking I am her biological daughter. Doesn't matter to me. I am here for her treatment. 

With doctors in my own family, I have immense respect for doctors. Visiting one of the best Government hospitals in India, seeing how these doctors selflessly deal with patients from all types of financial backgrounds, my respect for them has increased. I saw doctors searching for patients when they were not to be seen. They treat each patient equally whether he/she is poor or rich. There is no discrimination. 

The funny doctor attending my Mom greeted my Mom in Manipuri. I said Doctor, you have so many Manipuri patients that you learnt Manipuri language. His answer surprised me... No, I was an army doctor, was posted in Manipur for some years. I was more surprised when he listed the names of the places in Manipur where he was posted. I haven't been to many of the places. While talking to me he noticed my tattoo and asked me What is this?. My tattoo has a theme but it was not a right time and place to tell him about it. So I simply said It's a tattoo. On this he replied That's the problem with you North East people. I was definitely annoyed with that remark but I had to control myself, after all he was my mom's doctor. I politely said Excuse me doctor... You have a wrong perception about us. I didn't want to tell anything beyond that. By then my respect for him had reduced to half. 

He and another doctor checked my Mom's MRI films. The other doctor asked me if I can get the CD of the films. On this my Mom's doctor said How can she? MRI was done in Delhi. He was amazed when I said I will ask. I will try to get it. He asked me Whom you will ask? On this I replied MRI was done by my friend who is a radiologist. Before I could complete he asked me impatiently You are a doctor?. On this I quickly replied My friend is a doctor, I am not. He looked wondered. May be he was thinking I was not someone he could address Beta. While leaving the hospital, he surprised me again by saying... I don't have any negative thing for North East people. In fact I like them. In fact all my best friends are from North East. I smiled and said Good to know that doctor.


  1.'s such a hilarious post. But hey you should be flattered that you look so young.

    Now coming to that Doctor! I wonder why someone would pass a swiping statement like that. Especially, when you are in a profession of such stature. But yeah, the way you dealt with the situation was really dignified and matured.

    As always, loved reading your experience. They are so real and I can totally related to it. And thanks for dedicating it to me. That just made my birthday even more special. Love you a lot! :*

    1. Thank you birthday gal for this beautiful comment. You know you are special :) :*