Thursday, June 16, 2016

Not an Ordinary Love Triangle

Not an Ordinary Love Triangle
Two girls in love

Love Triangle

Love triangles normally happen in movies. In real life I have come across one where two of my closed friends were in love with the same guy. Interestingly the guy was also in love with both the girls. Let me not get into the details, instead, let me focus on this true story of non-ordinary love triangle. This is about two girls who work in a beauty parlour. Believe it or not I don't go to beauty parlour, so obviously, this is not something I have experienced myself. But I find the story quite interesting, couldn't stop myself from writing about this. 
Two of my friends go to the same beauty parlour together. Everytime they are attended by two girls Anju and Manju (names changed). Anju and Manju are very good at their jobs, my friends are happy regular customers. Last time when they went to the parlour Anju who was attending my first friend was looking very gloomy and lost. My friend was concerned and asked her What happened Anju? You look lost and sad. She replied Didi (sister) This is what happened when you are heart broken and you are not able to sleep the entire night. My friend had gone through the same phase and could understand the pain she was going through. Being more concerned she asked What went wrong?. Anju replied with tears rolling from her big eyes... There is another person. My love has found another love. Hearing this my friend got furious and told Anju to move on, there was no point of shedding tears for a cheater, a loser who had already moved on. Anju replied...  It is not easy didi. We have been together for so long. We work at the same place, we get to meet each other everyday. Also we stay very nearby. On this my friend said Quit your job, look for a new one. Leave the place. Move to a different place or city. Anju said in agony Mine is a true love. I fought with my parents, I fought with my relatives, I fought with the world... just for her and now she is saying there is a guy in her life. My friend quite astonishingly asked... Her? You are in love with a girl? I mean you were in a relationship with a girl? And now there is a man in her life?. Anju nodded her head Yes. Quite curiously my friend asked her Who is she?. She pointed her finger to Manju. Manju indeed looked moved on.

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