Sunday, May 22, 2016

Life in a Delhi Metro... Episode 11

Delhi Metro Lifeline of Delhi

Delhi Metro - It's a workstation

Delhi metro... It's not just a train anymore, it's a workstation on the go... customer care center, conference room... you name it. Man sitting next to me in a perfect corporate attire is busy working on his presentation in his laptop. Damn, he is too good in PPT. Another man standing near me is busy on phone talking with a client (I guess) solving his problems. He started with soft words but his voice has gone louder. He looks irritated. Phew he must be dealing with a tough client. What I am wondering is which phone network he is using,  no disturbance, no call drops, considering that long call. Amazing! I remember taking conference calls from metro but mine were not good ones with multiple call drops. It's good to see people using their travel time in doing productive things. It's good to see that I am not alone following this trend. People who feel taboo about long journeys and travel time should see us. It is not bad at all.

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