Thursday, May 5, 2016

For you rich men...

Rich Kids, Poor Parents

Rich Child of Poor Parents

A small piece for the children who have grown up as rich men in the society...

Since childhood I have done so many below-ordinary things, led a very simple life. Many a times I have been told Your father is a rich man. My answer has always been My dad is a rich man, I am not. Now, my dad is a retired man but I make sure that he continues to be rich (even though I am not rich). I have seen poor parents who sacrificed their lives for the upbringing of their kids. Now, it is so painful to see these kids grew up as super rich men but their parents are still poor.

Always remember... What goes around comes around. The greatest happiness in the world is... Knowing the reason for your parents' happiness is You. Let your parents proudly say... I am rich coz my kids are rich. Trust me, they will never ever make you poor.

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