Sunday, May 8, 2016

Ema Nungsibi (My Dear Loving Mom)

Ema Nungsibi
Ema Nungsibi - My Dear Loving Mom

It’s Mothers’ Day. Personally I am not so fond of these new trends taken from the western world. But I feel lucky to spend this day with my beautiful Maasi (Mom’s sister). Maasi’s simple innocent questions made me write this, she asked me... Don’t you miss your Mom, don’t you love her anymore?. I just smiled, didn't say anything. I asked her What made you say that Maasi? She didn't reply, but I guess I know the answer. I don’t mention about my Mom to anyone. I don’t cry because She is not with me. I don’t show my love for Her. I don’t do anything for Her. The thing is She is way beyond all these earthly things. I don’t miss Her because She is within me. I do show my intense love to my Mom but in my own way, no one can see it. Whenever I long for Her physical presence, I wear her clothes and feel Her presence, I engraved Her in my body. Everyday I pray to God…

Dear God… Every life I get, please make me my Mom’s daughter. 

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