Saturday, April 30, 2016

It’s all about PR (Pyaar)

Humorous Incident In Office

What is PR?

After working for so many years in the corporate world, I have no complains. I have good memories. I don’t remember the bad ones, thanks to my programmed brain, it trashed everything I don’t want to remember or recall. My brain is funny as well. I was too busy in a workshop where one of the points discussed was about how to effectively leverage on PR. It was a wrong time but my brain popped up a funny incident which happened some years ago. It was just a week our new boss joined us. He was young, vibrant and good looking. He was confident but not so comfortable with the team which was female dominated where 80% of the team members were females. That funny morning he came to work, entered his office. He came out to look for my peer who handled Marketing Communications. On not finding her, he told me to tell her that he was looking for her to discuss PR. I said Okay. When my peer came, I told her Hey morning… Boss was looking for you to discuss regarding PR. Her reaction was something unexpected. She wide opened her eyes and she looked terrified. She came close to me and asked What did you say?. I said Boss wants to talk to you about PR. Looking more terrified, she came closer to me and repeat the question What did you just say?. There I realized she heard me wrong. She heard me saying Boss wants to talk to you about Pyaar (Love). After that, my reaction was “ROFL”. How mean of me, I was not done yet. There was a round table in the same week with the Leadership Team. Bad luck for my boss, we happened to sit in the same table and we were asked to share a funny incident which happened recently. And my funny brain couldn’t think of anything but the PR (Pyaar) incident.

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