Friday, April 8, 2016

Falling for the wrong guy

Falling in love with the wrong guy

Feelings... Not a game to play

Rose met Joseph at a friend's party. Joseph is one of those Casanova type with a charming personality. He could easily woo a woman. On the contrary, Rose is someone who believes in true love. Poor Rose, she does not know that true love is not something coming on her way. Joseph doesn't have to put much effort in winning Rose's heart. Rose falls for this wrong guy. But it does not take much time for Rose to realize that Joseph is an asshole. It does not take much time for Rose to realize that Joseph has his serious girlfriend and he is just having a passing affair with her. For her it was love. For him it was just another fling. But it’s okay, shit happens. Rose is a strong woman, a winner. She moves on.

What goes around comes around. If you break someone’s heart, be sure that your heart will also be broken someday, in this same life. Joseph is just a human. He can’t escape. He also goes through the same pain. Now he realizes his faults. Now he knows the value and importance of love. Now he wants Rose back in his life. But it is already too late. Rose is someone who forgives but never forgets. She is someone who will never repeat her mistake. She is definitely not someone who will fall for the same guy again. Joseph asks Rose...  Rose, will you marry me? I simply love Rose's reply... I won't marry you even if you turn out to be the last man alive on earth. This is the kind of reply every man should get, who plays with the feelings and emotions of women.

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