Tuesday, March 1, 2016

New maid in my house

New maid in my house

Maids are not less than Angels

Mere ghar aayi ek nanhi pari (a cute angel came to my house)... I can't stop humming this old beautiful song after the first day of a new maid in my house. Well, nanhi will be little too much, I don't want to get into legal trouble, moreover, I myself is strictly against child labor. After almost 8 years I am keeping a maid. My past experience was so bad I decided not to keep any maid. But this time, all thanks to my clumsy stubborn leg-in-pain, I am left with no choice. 

Self praising is good for health. Anita, my new maid is surprised to see herself being treated with respect and dignity. She thinks I am a sweet & cute house owner. She made me realized that I am still a good human being. Pollution of Delhi fails to pollute the good person in me. And trust me, I don't show off or try to act good. I am terribly bad in acting. If only I was good in acting, I would have tried my hands in some manipuri movies, after all, my uncle is a famous movie director in Manipur. I still remember, my uncle offered me a role for which I felt like killing him... Baby, I have a role for the heroine's aunt. Will you take it? Coming back to my new maid Anita, I am so thankful to God for sending her to me. She does all the work with complete dedication, no space for complains. Perhaps she is good because she is new, perhaps she wants to impress me... I don't mind as long as she is keeping me happy. With this, I enrolled myself in the league of Women of Delhi who depends on maids. But unlike other Delhiites, I have only praises for my maid.

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