Thursday, March 31, 2016

Mt. Abu... The journey was the destination

Trip to Mt Abu Mt. Abu Temple

Trip to Mt. Abu

Some close friends asked me... When are you writing about your trip to Mt. Abu?. I said Very soon. Here it goes... My regular readers know that my journeys are always exciting with some unexpected twists & turns around. This one was not exceptional. In fact, I received one of the best welcomes, a surprise welcome with a beautiful rose. For a moment, I asked myself Nirmala, when was the last time someone gave you a rose?. I didn't get any answer. Journey from Udaipur to Mt. Abu was about to start but we already had full of anticipations, all thanks to our driver who filled our minds with fears of gypsies coming out from the jungle and stopping us on the way, asking for money etc. Road from Udaipur to Mt. Abu was really beautiful. The rock mountains by the side of the road were gigantic and fearless. The dark tunnel which came on the way was actually dark (black) and thrilling. For a moment, we feared about gypsies coming out from nowhere and attacking us. But that was just a matter of a second. After all, we are fearless females from Delhi. I didn't have a gun but I did have a pepper spray, which I carry all the time.

Mt. Abu Road

Mt. Abu road was beautiful with huge rocks, open spaces and coconut trees all around the place. Beautiful temples (many of them) added to the beauty of the place. We had a feeling that we were in Goa. The only difference was beaches were replaced by temples. Not just that, the unique and majestic houses reminded me of Ooty. I found them so similar to the beautiful houses in Ooty. Goa and Ooty have always been my favorite destinations, and getting that feeling in one single place was something unexpected, something so amazing. Most of the time when we go to new places, we look forward to reaching the destination. But Mt. Abu is a place where I did not want the destination to arrive, I simply loved the journey... the journey was the destination. 


  1. Enjoyed reading it so much that I now want to visit Mt. Abu! Every detail inspires you to plan a trip to the place.
    Good job Nimmo darling.
    Love you and your work.

    1. Thanks sweetheart for your kind words. Do plan a trip there. I am sure you will love it too.