Monday, March 7, 2016

Aging with Smile

Aging with Smile Aging with smile

Coffee Home Cannaught Place

Why do I love coming to Coffee Home at Cannaught Place, Delhi? I have two simple reasons for this,  1). I love their filter coffee; 2). I enjoy seeing the crowd of senior citizens who spend their leisure time by either talking to each other or reading books/newspapers. Here you don't get to see young crowd busy with their electronic gadgets. I feel as if I am back to the 90s and I love this feeling. 

It's a Saturday morning and I feel so relaxed sitting on that simple chair sipping my favorite filter coffee, enjoying the view of the senior citizens celebrating their second innings. My eyes fall on a very aged man. He must be in his mid or late 80s. He comes out from the coffee counter carrying coffee on a tray. His other hand is holding a small carry bag. His hands are shaking while walking. Also, he is not able to walk properly. But the best part is, there is a sparkling honest smile on his face. I immediately go to help him. Uncle, let me carry the tray for you I say politely. He continues smiling and politely says No, I am fine. I respect his No and move back. But I cannot stop watching him. He quietly sits on one of the tables, opens his carry bag from which he takes out a small packet of Parle-G biscuit. He enjoys his coffee, dipping the biscuits in the coffee. I enjoy watching him. Like me, he enjoys watching the crowd. There is not even a single moment when he stops smiling. Seeing him I say to myself If this is called aging, I welcome aging with open arms.


  1. Man I just adore the place ... pretty laid back with that old world charm... Students, pressmen, literrati everyone loves the aura that this place the way I didnt know you write... it's a nice piece through the eyes of a flanour... kudos keep it up

    1. Hi... Thank you so much for reading my story and for dropping a very nice comment :) .