Thursday, February 25, 2016

Most awaited wedding... But I have to miss it

Most awaited wedding... But I have to miss it
Soul friends

Uninvited Wedding


Why are some things not in our control? Nancy asks herself. Nancy and Rachael are soul friends. There was a time when their families were together as a single united family. Now things have changed. Now both the families have parted miles. Not just that, one cannot tolerate another. But nothing has changed between Nancy and Rachael. Their bond has rather become stronger. Neither their families nor any external entity could break it. 

Nancy recalls the day when Rachael told her about her boyfriend Ray... Nancy,  I think Ray is the one. We both are so imperfectly perfect. Nancy was so happy for her. Time flies. It has been 4 years and now they are getting married. Ray is a good guy and he will keep Rachael happy, Nancy knows it. As good things don't come easily,  making their marriage happen was not easy. But Rachael is a strong woman, a fighter. She fixed everything right. Now everyone is happy and excited about their marriage, one of the best things to happen in the coming years. Nancy has always been there to support and encourage Rachael. Rachael would share all the plans and progress with Nancy. Nancy feels sad that she couldn't be part of Rachael's wedding preparation. But Nancy makes sure that she supports Rachael emotionally and in all other possible ways, even though her physical presence is not there. 

Time flies. This time it is flying at the speed of light. Nancy realizes it only after Rachael shares her wedding card with her. Rachael shares some beautiful return gifts packets made by her. Rachael, I am not coming for your wedding but I want the return gift Nancy tells Rachael. I can't believe my soul friend is getting married and I can't be part of it... the most awaited wedding, but I have to miss it. Nancy wonders herself We meet people, become friends, become family, all in this lifetime. And in this lifetime we become strangers again. If only life was as simple as our childhood days.

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