Saturday, February 20, 2016

Mom, was I a mistake?

Mom, was I a mistake

Locked life

Life is Unfair


Stella is a lucky girl born with a silver spoon. Being the first grandchild of her maternal grandfather,  she is his favorite, he adores her. Her grandfather is going to Canada on a business strip Stella darling, what do you want from Canada?. 6 years old Stella says Grandpa, get me a pair of block shoes. Her wish is his command. Little Stella is having a little Princess's life, totally unaware of what is coming ahead of her and her family. 

Things are not good between Stella's parents. After dragging their relationship for 2 ugly years, they decide to move apart. 8 years old Stella is not able to understand what is going on. No one asks what does she want. Her grandfather also does not bother to know what is going through his little grandchild. Things get worse, her father left the house without telling anyone. Stella is now living with her mom's family. The small girl wonders herself Why do things change? Why do people change? She is not her grandfather's favorite anymore. Her mom does not have time for her. Her dad is in a different city struggling with his career.

Stella is a teenager now. Now she understands what is dating, love, relationship etc.. Second thing she gets to know is her mom is in a relationship with a new man. Earlier her mom doesn't have time for her,  now she neither has time nor love for her daughter. Young Stella longs for her parents' love, she doesn't remember the last time her mom or dad showed love and affection to her. Her mom comes to her Stella, I am getting married very soon. Stella is speechless. Her mom continues I had a word with your father, he will come and pick you in a week's time. You will have to stay with him. Stella could feel the coldness in her entire body. She feels as if her heart stops beating. She couldn't stop asking her mom Mom, was I a mistake? Am I an extra baggage?.  She wanted to ask one more question,  but she didn't because she knows the answer already, the question was Do you love me?. 

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