Thursday, February 11, 2016

Life in a Delhi Metro... (Episode 9)

Life in a Delhi Metro... Episode 9

Funny Day at Delhi Metro

Standing in the long queue at the exit, there came this man coolly ignoring the line and standing ahead of some 5 or 6 passengers who were ahead of me. Being someone who cannot tolerate anything wrong, I said the man standing in front of me Please tell that man to follow the queue. He religiously followed my instruction and passed on the communication to the next person who then passed on to the next until the message reached the concerned person. This man realized it was not right, but before anything a giant man standing next to him said to him Tum kahin nahin jaa raheho (You are not going anywhere). He looked at us angrily and said Beta hai mera (He is my son). Ideally he was right, since he was already in the queue he could make his son stand with him. That's how things work in Delhi. But by then I was so pissed off with the act I said the man in a frustrated tone Beta hai toh saamne bithado (If he is your son make him sit right at the front). I didn't need to say the nonsense. I wondered myself Have I become the so called Bad Delhiite?  Have I been bitten by the bad Delhi Bug?

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