Thursday, February 18, 2016

I miss you...

I miss you

Miss you

1 month, 18 days and counting... It has been so many days I am away from you, my soul companion. You were my passion when I grew up, you still are. You give me happiness and health. After staying away from you for these many days, my love for you has grown more, my dance. I am not sad that I hurt my leg and I limp, I am sad because I am not able to dance. And since I cannot dance, I want to dance more, after all,  you are something which I love doing the most, something I used to do everyday. I am very hopeful that I will be fine very soon and will start dancing again. And I will make sure that I cover up the dances I missed in these many weeks. I thought I was lucky that I don't depend on anyone or anything for my happiness. This time I realize my happiness depends on you. But I am still lucky,  you live in me. I miss you so much, I pray to God everyday Dear God,  please let me dance.


  1. Awww....You know distance makes the heart grow fonder and am sure this distance you're facing from dance will fade away soon and you'll love it even more :)