Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Audi and BMW... not mine but I am happy!

Trip to Abu Dhabi and Dubai

Trip to Abu Dhabi and Dubai

Envy is a waste of time... I read somewhere. Sometime ago a good friend told me that he earned an Audi. I was really happy that I could not stop myself sharing the good news with a couple of friends I was sitting with. Seeing my excitement, one friend asked me Why are you so excited? It's not yours. On that I replied with excitement It's my friend's, not less than me owning it. I knew that there was 0.1 percent chances of me sitting in that car but still I was happy, was genuinely proud of my friend who earned it. This is happiness and not envy. Perhaps envy is a waste of time. 

God has always been kind to me. He knows I am not going to get a ride on the Audi, so He planned a BMW for me. Happiness is going to Abu Dhabi to ride my best friend's BMW. I was traveling to Dubai and Abu Dhabi with no personal agenda in mind. I didn't need one, I have my best friends waiting for me. 

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Liz was waiting for me in her sexy red BMW at Abu Dhabi airport. She had lost some good pounds and she looked young, vibrant and beautiful. Nothing else has changed. We both are still the same. It was time to revisit our good old college days but in a different city, a different country. Place doesn't matter as long as we both are together. Liz didn't leave any stone unturned when it came to taking me to places in and around Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We were three crazy girls in a red BMW all set to paint the cities red. Yes, you heard it right, we were three, third one is Liz's little angel Zoe, my sweetheart. From Abu Dhabi Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque to Dubai Miracle Garden we covered all places. My personal best was having gold plated passion fruit sphere at the Emirates Palace... Living a royal life for 30 minutes. 

Emirates Towers

Living a royal life for 30 minutes? Not really. There were more to come. My best friend Geethy and her entire family had been eagerly waiting for me at Dubai. I was meeting her big happy family for the first time but I felt so comfortable with them as if I knew them from ages. Geethy, a successful entrepreneur, a good planner had already planned where she would take me understanding the very limited time I had. I wasn't surprise to see that she had planned only the best for me from best wines to best restaurants which are the favorites of the Dubai Royal Family itself. What I loved the most was our long drive to the oasis in the middle of the desert, playing in the water like small kids. I told you it wasn't just 30 minutes.  

Oasis Dubai

I have friends who are super rich and I don't envy that, I am happy about that. Perhaps envy is a waste of time. With a heavy heart I bid Good Bye to my best pals. But Zoe darling's whisper in my ears at the airport continued to whisper even after I reached India Nimmi auntie, I want you to stay with me forever.


  1. Wat else we need.. such a lovely friend ....who write about us:) Loved ur writings :) keep it up..

    1. Thanks dear "Unknown" :) . Thank you for reading my stories and liking them :)