Monday, February 1, 2016

Airlift left me with some questions unanswered

Airlift Movie Review

Airlift Movie Review

Long long time ago a Malayali friend who used to live in Kuwait with his parents told me about how they left the country when Iraq invaded Kuwait. That point of time I didn't think that the situation was too bad. Perhaps it was because my friend narrated the story in a much lighter note. Perhaps he didn't tell me the worst side of it. Perhaps he didn't want to. It is only after watching Airlift I realized that situation must have been not less than a Hell. 

I have heard a lot about this movie Airlift. No wonder my expectations on this movie went higher. Everyone did a great job in this movie. But more than the cast and crew,  I was hoping to see a great story where India helps the Indians in Kuwait from the Hell created by Saddam Hussein. I had a mixed feeling after coming out of the movie. Yes, it was India who came for rescue but after so much of hurdles and struggles. Was all that required? The rescue was successful because of heroic acts of very few Indians at the ground level, however, at the end External Affairs Minister takes the credit. A final point to touch on is towards the film makers. Even though it is a fictional story based on a true event,  film makers have put it in a very realistic way with majority of the Indians being shown as Malayalis. Also, the main Hero Ranjit Katyal's role is based on a real hero who is also a Malayali. So,  why can't they put a Malayali character as the Hero? Is it necessary that a Punjabi character has to be the Hero to make the movie hit?  

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