Monday, January 4, 2016

Spark at First Sight!

Spark at First Sight!

Love is in the Air

Gary is an Ex-Olympian, an athlete. But now he works as an Event Manager for a Multi-National Company.  Gary and his colleagues are just done with a very successful event and they all are set to celebrate the success. Gary's boss Sarah announces the team that she is throwing a success party at one of the best restaurants in the city, feel free to bring partners or spouses. Gary and Maria are going through turbulence in their relationship. Maria wants to leave the country for a lucrative career option but Gary has a different plan. Gary loves to be around with his family and friends. He does not want to leave his country. 

Gary and his colleagues are having a great time in the party. Sarah comes in the party hall with a very beautiful woman. Gary turns back to greet his boss but his eyes catch hold of this beautiful woman in a beautiful red dress. His eyes got stuck, he could sense a spark in his eyes, his heart stops breathing. Gary, blink your eyes, breath, greet your boss... Gary says to himself. Too late, Sarah greets Gary and the entire team, introduces her younger sister Jane to everyone. Gary observes that Jane looks at him twice. Holy crap!!! Can she read minds? Did she notice the spark in my eyes? Was it too bright? Gary asks himself.

Night is getting younger

The night is getting younger. Gary happens to sit on the table where Jane is sitting. They get to talk about few little things but Gary clearly feels the click and perfect chemistry between them. She’s the one I’ve been missing in my entire life Gary tells himself. But Gary is still seeing Maria and it does not feel right. So even if he wants to talk more, stay connected with Jane, he doesn't ask her phone number.  He wants to be honest to his girlfriend Maria.

Party is over, almost everyone has left including Jane. Sarah comes to Gary and says "What did you do to my sister? She talked about you the entire time while walking to the car parking.”. Gary just smiles, confirms himself that the feeling was mutual. 

It has been 3 months, things between Gary and Maria are getting worse. Finally Maria chooses her career over Gary and move on to her new world in a new country. It takes some time for Gary to come out of it, but he is a happy man now. One evening after work Sarah invites Gary to a birthday party of her best friend. Happy Gary feels happier hoping to meet Jane at the birthday party. Gary and Jane meet at the birthday party. Jane looks prettier than what she was last time and this time Gary has no guilt attached. As earlier, it is effortless, perhaps, the easiest & smoothest relationship with no complications. 

Now happily married with Jane, Gary considers himself as the luckiest man alive. There is nothing else he could have wished for in a woman he wants to marry. But even today, he wonders what made Jane fall for him. She is very smart, beautiful and holds a successful career in life and he is just an ordinary man. Then he smiles and says to himself… Perhaps she picks me because of my charming good looks and heart of Gold. 

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