Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Life in a Delhi Metro... (Episode 7)

Life in a Delhi Metro... Episode 7 Be happy

Reasons to Smile

You know you are in Delhi when you see beggars in all transport junctions, be it railway station, bus stop, metro station or traffic signal. Besides begging, one thing common in all beggars is their sad look seeking sympathy from people passing by. 

I was wrong to think that all beggars have the same mindset of showing how awful their lives are. This beggar who sits at Kashmere Gate Metro station is definitely different, a clearly visible physically disabled man unlike many beggars who pretend/act to be physically disabled. But one thing I like about this man is his smiling face. He begs with a smile. I do not want to be judgmental and analyze on why he is begging etc etc but a simple fact is every morning he makes me smile. Every morning when I see this physically disabled beggar with a smile, it makes me think if someone in this condition can have a genuine smile on his face, if someone like him can be happy, then someone like me has thousand more reasons to be smiling and be happy. God bless you Mr. Beggar.

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