Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Are Marriages actually Made in Heaven?

Are Marriages actually Made in Heaven?

Marriages are made in Heaven

Sheetal is a smart and very successful woman, a nerdy beauty from the prestigious IIT Delhi. Now she holds an authoritative position in Indian Civil Service. But seeing her you won't believe that she is the nerdy over-intellectual kind. Seeing her beautiful face with a tall hourglass figure, anyone would say she should have been in the fashion industry. Sheetal is indeed a perfect example of beauty with brains. 

Sheetal and Raghav have been seeing each other for over 9 years. Raghav is Sheetal's childhood friend. They could easily win the most good looking couple award.  Raghav has the Greek God looks with a well maintained physique, fair complexion and light & bright eyes. The only dark spot in his life is that he is struggling with his career. Unlike Sheetal who cracked the Indian Civil Services Exam, Raghav is still struggling for it. Sheetal, a woman with a golden heart gives full support to her man. 

Sheetal has to move to another city due to official reasons, far away from the city she loves, far away from the man she loves. Raghav has to stay back in Delhi for his Civil Services Exams preparation. It is not easy for Sheetal to leave the love of her life and go to a new place. But she is a strong woman, she understands her responsibilities as a civil servant. 

Long distance relationship is always not easy. But when you truly love someone distance is just a number, this is what Sheetal believes. Sheetal gets adapted to the new place, gets busy with her work. But she makes sure that she takes out some time for Raghav everyday from her busy schedule. Raghav has also started being habitual staying away from Sheetal. Nothing is wrong, everything is going smoothly.

Year is coming to an end and Sheetal wants to spend her last few days of the year and beginning of next year with Raghav. She wants to give him a surprise visit. She reaches Delhi without informing Raghav. It is early winter morning, Sheetal goes directly to Raghav's place where he stays with a male roommate who is also preparing for Civil Services Exams. All excited about surprising Raghav, she knocks at the door.  After 5 minutes a girl in her night suit opens the door. "Have I knocked at the wrong door?" Sheetal asks herself. She asks the girl "Raghav lives here. Who are you?". On this the girl says "Yes he lives here. I am his girlfriend. May I know who you are?". Sheetal feels a sudden heaviness in her heart, she feels as if the World is coming to an end. It is terribly tough for her but she doesn't look back. No matter how truly madly deeply in love she was with Raghav but it's over now. For her, trust is everything. 

It has been a month Sheetal is back to the city where she is posted but she is still not over it. Nine years is not a joke. And for a woman like her who has given her 200% to a man who cheated her, it is Hell. But as we say Everything happens for a good reason. Veer is Sheetal’s another childhood friend who is secretly in love with her. Veer never expressed his feelings to Sheetal as he was just a mediocre boy in front of her. Veer is a Software Engineer, now in San Francisco on a project. He gets to know about Sheetal’s break-up from a common friend. Without thinking twice, he takes the next available flight to Delhi and then goes directly to Sheetal's place. Sheetal is totally surprised to see Veer standing in front of her. Before she could say anything, Veer gets down on his knees and says “Sheetal, I have loved you since we were in School and I still love you. Will you marry me?”. Sheetal goes speechless for a minute. “Veer… you are supposed to be in the US. What are you doing here? ” Sheetal asks. Veer… “I have left everything just to propose you for marriage. I don’t want to repeat the mistake I did earlier, the mistake of not expressing my feelings.”. Sheetal knows Veer since childhood and one thing for sure is Veer will keep her happy. With no further thoughts, no ifs and buts, Sheetal says “Yes! I will marry you.”. Within a quick time of 5 days they get married in Delhi. Veer goes back to the US and Sheetal goes back to her city where she is posted. I, as a witness can’t stop wondering myself “Are marriages actually made in heaven?”.

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