Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Mcleod Ganj took me to Mysore

Trip to Mcleod Ganj and Dharamsala

Trip to Mcleod Ganj

My first visit to Mcleod Ganj was with a clear purpose of getting some fresh air far away from polluted Delhi. We also wanted to cover up the gym sessions we missed the entire year with extensive trekking,  mountain climbing and rock climbing. 

I never thought that Mcleod Ganj would take me back to my good old times in Mysore.  Seeing Tibetians and meditating monks all around the place, I was deported to Mysore where I used to see the same crowd many years ago. I remember my college days in Mysore. I remember Tibetian guys used to like me and Tibetian gals disliked me. I remember Tibetian guys saying a "word" to me in Tibetian and  one day I decided to ask the meaning of the word to a Tibetian hostel mate. She said it meant "Beautiful". 

Flashback continued. I remember those crazy time when one day I decided to become vegetarian, quit all ornamental things in life. I remember a friend who converted to vegetarian after me and then we went to a famous Tibetian restaurant. She wanted to have Biryani. There was only Chicken Biryani. She felt sad, I thought because there was no Veg-Biryani but she told me "I will order Chicken Biryani,  but who will eat the chicken,  I am vegetarian". My sweet crazy friend! Then I remember our Manipuri group dance performance at one of the biggest stages of Mysore. Our dance performance was applauded by all. I remember after the performance while I was sitting at the back,  a small monk boy came to me with a chit of paper and said "That man told me to give it to you.". When I looked there, there was no one.  I opened the chit which said "You were amazing on the stage. Can we be frens?" along with his email id and phone no. 

Coming back to Mcleod Ganj from Mysore, watching the sunset sitting at the Monastery, writing this story, I couldn't have asked for anything better. The best part is we did everything possible in the span of 3 days, from shopping to eating,  trekking to sight seeing, tea garden to waterfall, rock climbing to playing in the river... Food lovers must visit Jimmy Italian Kitchen and Clay Oven, former is famous for varieties of authentic Italian cuisines, latter is famous for authentic Tibetian food.  But the best thing about the trip is the massive view of the snow-covered Dhauladhar range of the Himalayan mountains.

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