Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Fraud at Petrol Pump – Don’t Get Cheated, Be Very Alert

Fraud at Petrol Pump

Beware when you go to Petrol Pumps

It was the third time I was filling petrol from Hindustan Petroleum Petrol Pump near Tis Hazari Metro Station Delhi. First time when I went there, as usual, I asked the attendant to fill petrol for Rs. 1000. But the attendant filled for Rs. 300 and said “Madamji, your Rs. 300 petrol is done.”. I said “I asked for Rs. 1000.”. On that he said, “Sorry Madam, I will fill the remaining Rs. 700.”. I said fine. 2nd time I went to the same petrol pump asked for Rs. 1000 petrol. Like first time, the attendant filled only for Rs. 300. Like first time, he apologized and then I said to fill the rest Rs. 700. This time again when I asked to fill for Rs. 1000, the attendant filled only for Rs. 300. But this time I was not quite. I blasted both the attendants who were attending me. I said “This is what you do, fool people every time? I am not filling the rest Rs. 700. I know I am paying this Rs. 300 without getting a single drop of petrol. I don’t wanna deal it with you, I will take it up to higher level.”. As expected, fuel gauge didn’t move a pinch which normally does even after filling petrol for Rs. 100.

I went to Hindustan Petroleum Complaint Site. I was more disappointed to see that the site was not working properly, the complaint was not taken and took me to an error page. Next thing was to dig out emails of all the Big Shots of Hindustan Petroleum which I did successfully and I wrote a disappointment/complaint email to “All” which include the Corporate MD. Within 10 minutes I got a call from the Pump Manager. He apologized me for all the inconvenience and assured me that strict investigation and actions would be taken. He also told me if required he would terminate some of the workers but requested me to take back the complaint as his job is in danger. On this I calmly said “My intention is not to prove that I am right or you are wrong. Also, my intention is not to give harsh actions like termination etc to the employees. My intention is to make sure that strict investigation and actions are taken and such fraud cases do not happen again.”. 2nd call was from the Area Sales Manager. He also apologized me and assured me that he would personally investigate the case. He agreed to share post investigation data and findings. On this I said “I do not want to see your findings/data etc. Just make sure that such frauds do not happen again. Please don’t cheat your customers.”.


  1. Nicely Dealt. Also, I would say stop using any further services of that petrol pump.

    1. Thank you for your comment and suggestion, Ravikarn.

  2. Nicely Dealt. Also, I would say stop using any further services of that petrol pump.