Sunday, December 6, 2015

A man's money does not excite an independent woman

A man's money does not excite an independent woman

Independent Woman

Nancy was in a middle of a high class elite party. While wondering herself "What am I doing here?" , someone from the back greeted her "Hi!".  She turned around to see a man who looked over dressed for the occasion. "Another boring rich man... " she said to herself. That was actually mean of her to tag "boring" with rich men. Not all rich men are boring. He introduced himself as Peter. He also told her how he was related with the family who organized the party. 

Next 30 mins was going to be an interesting experience for Nancy. Peter started the conversation...  "Nancy...". Before Nancy could wonder how did he know her name, he continued... "Not just your name, I know more about you. You are a single independent woman. You are a foodie. You love wine.". Nancy interrupted "Hello Peter! What else my friend told you about me?". Peter smiled and said "Just that. That's why I am here to know more from the horse's mouth.". Nancy laughed out loud and said "Some other day funny guy.". Nancy said to herself "Perhaps not all rich guys are boring.". Next day morning while Nancy was in office, she got a phone call... "Hi Nancy. This is Peter. Good morning!". He continued... "I live very near to your office. Can I join you on breakfast?". Nancy...  "So you know I usually have my breakfast in office.". Peter... "I am on my way, coming to pick you. I should be there in 5 mins.". When Nancy asked how was he coming,  thinking he might be walking towards her office, he said "I am driving a Mercedes, Red Mercedes.". Nancy thought she heard it wrong. But she had a jaw dropping reaction when she saw him coming in a 2 seater convertible Red Mercedes. He stopped the car right in front of her. Nancy said... "I am not sitting in this car.". It was a mind boggling experience for Nancy.  Of course, she was super excited. Peter and Nancy sat in a coffee shop. Peter started the conversation with a "I, me, myself attitude", something which turned off Nancy. Peter was a super-rich business man who owned a construction company. It was clearly a one-sided conversation. Nancy didn't feel like telling anything about herself. She wanted to quickly finish the breakfast and rushed back to work. 

Change is good

After some casual talks Peter asked Nancy out on a date. It was the worst date in Nancy's life. Peter was so gaga about his power, assets, money. He wanted to buy her the most expensive items, wanted to take her to the most expensive places in the world. Overall he wanted to change Nancy to one of those rich plastic women who think they have everything. Perhaps any ordinary woman would die for such attention and importance but Nancy was not ordinary. Nancy said very politely... "Peter, I am happy the way I am. Change is good but not the kinds of change you are talking about. I got the point that you have money, you can buy almost everything you want. But, can you buy Happiness?". Perter understood that she was not interested. While going back home Nancy said to herself "Nancy, the worst date in your life. But It's okay sh*t happens.".

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