Sunday, November 1, 2015

Morning drive to Mahabali Temple and Shani Dev Temple

Morning drive to Mahabali Temple and Shani Dev Temple

Morning Drive

Mornings are fresh and energetic. We normally start our morning with prayer so that we have a great day. What if your morning starts with combined blessings from the Mighty Hanumanji and Shani Dev Maharaj?

It was a cold and drizzling early morning in Imphal. My first drive was to the Mahabali Temple. Last time I went there was when I was 8 or 9 years old. I vaguely remembered that a bunch of us went to the famous Mahabali Temple in Imphal. We were excited, at the same time scared to see the monkeys in the temple. I remembered how I cried after a monkey snatched a popcorn bag from my hands.  Perhaps after that I decided that I will never go there. Drive to Mahabali temple was serene. The road looked so quite and beautiful. When I reached there I was surprised to see the place so empty. May be because it was not a Tuesday, or because it was too early in the morning, or because it was drizzling. Even the number of monkeys had gone down. It was a mixed feeling of happiness and sadness. I went to the small shop near the temple gate to get puja items. The lady smiled at me and said "You look very charming. You must be a working woman holding a good position in Manipur Government.". I smiled back and said "I work in Delhi.". When I entered the temple I first saw 3 to 4 white tigers statues near the temple stairs. They were of the same size of real tigers and they looked so real. Perhaps they were kept to scare the monkeys. Sitting inside the quite temple in front of the mighty Hanumanji, I could feel the blessings being showered on me. 

Next drive was to the famous Shani Dev Maharaj temple located inside the crowded Imphal bazar. This was my first visit. It was a very small temple but the queue was so long. Dad had already told me that it would be very crowded as it was a Saturday. There were Manipuris, Bengalis, Punjabis, Madwaris, Biharis who came for darshan. For a moment I wondered if I was in Delhi or Imphal. Shani Dev has His Own Aura. I felt that He would suck all problems and obstacles in our lives. 

After a fulfilling and satisfying darshan of Hanumanji and Shani Dev Maharaj, it was time for some yummy Imphal bazar food darshan. I am not sorry I am a foodie. We went for a lavish multi-cuisine breakfast at the Bluemoon Hotel. What a morning it was!

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