Sunday, November 22, 2015

Life in a Delhi Metro... (Episode 6)

Life in a Delhi Metro - A Cheerful Day

Am I Pretty

A moody day which was later turned into a cheerful day...

It was a moody day for some reasons related to my health. A mother and a small girl sat next to me. The small girl sitting right next to me kept staring at me. Normally I talk to small kids in metro but that day all thanks to my mood, I was in no mood to talk to anyone. So mean of me,  I didn't even smile at her. But the next thing changed my mood 180 degree. This little girl whispered to her mom (which was actually loud I could hear) - "Mom, see this girl sitting next to me, she is very pretty. Am I pretty like her?". Her mom first looked at me and then told her...  "Oh My God! You are just 7 years old and you want to look pretty. Yes yes you look pretty like her. Happy?". The little girl smiled at her mom and said yes. It was such a good feeling, this small girl lightened up my mood and reason for her momentary happiness was me.

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  1. Life in a Delhi Metro is quite interesting.