Thursday, November 5, 2015

Life in a Delhi Metro... (Episode 5)

Life in a Delhi Metro Episode 5

Cannaught Place Delhi

You get to see all types of people in Delhi Metro. Some people would fight for seats as if they are not metro seats but some throne to be conquered. There are other group of people who would shamelessly sit on seats reserved for ladies and senior citizens. They will not even get up on being asked to vacate the seats. 

In one instance, I was coming back from Cannaught Place, Delhi.  Thanks to Delhi Metro,  I don't drive wherever there is direct metro connectivity. I boarded metro at Rajiv Chowk metro station, Cannaught Place. Rajiv Chowk being a major junction, it is hard to get seat if you board from this station. I was okay with that as my journey was short. When I entered inside the metro compartment, I saw two senior citizens telling a couple to leave the seats reserved for them (senior citizens). The shameless couple ignored them. They behaved like deaf and dumb. I watched them for a minute and my tolerance level was gone. I went to them and said in a very angry and authoritative voice "You guys have to get up, these seats are reserved for senior citizens.". Perhaps they thought I was from CISF, without uttering a single word they gave the seats to those senior people. Was the whole drama required?

In another instance, I was sitting in a metro compartment busy in my twitter world. After sometime I realized a senior citizen was standing in front of me. I didn't know for how long he had been there. He looked very fit and smartly dressed. I told him pointing to the seat reserved for senior citizens "Uncle, that seat is reserved for senior citizen.". He first looked there and then said "That's okay. I don't wanna bother them. I am fine.". I wanted to ask him "Are you sure?", but I didn't. I just smiled at him.

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