Monday, November 23, 2015

Encounter with a Handsome Chef

Encounter with a Handsome Chef Handsome Chef

Go on a solo travel

I am a solo traveler. I love traveling alone especially at places which are safe for females. Like any other woman, for me also, safety comes first. I was on a business trip to one of the safest countries in the world. After a long tiring day of back to back meetings I wanted to spend a relaxing evening all by myself. Recommended by my colleagues I went to the roof-top restaurant of the 5 Star Hotel where I was staying.

My colleagues were right, it was a beautiful place. More than the place,  people were all decked up like superstars, quite an enjoyable view. I looked so bad and so ugly in front of them. Some people actually stared at me, they must be wondering from where this ugly alien landed there. My "I don't care a damn" attitude saved me, helped me stay cool there. But I was welcome by a pretty female attendant. Not just that, I was offered complimentary cocktails. 

When I go to new food places which I have no clue about, I normally play safe by asking recommendations to the attendants or managers. So when a male attendant came to my table to take order, I asked him what he recommended to have with a couple of drinks. He recommended a lamb dish. Since I like lamb,  I said yes. But when the dish was brought on my table, it looked yuck, the meat looked raw. I told the attendant bluntly "Please take it back, I am not having it. Replace my order.". On that he said he had to ask the Chef if the order could be replaced. I said "Then please go and ask.". 

After 5 minutes a tall, handsome and very charming gentleman in a spotless white chef apron came to my table and greeted me "Hello Miss!". He introduced himself as the Chef of the restaurant. He looked British with a very heavy British accent. Then he continued "My friend told me that you didn't like my food.". In my mind I said "But I like you Mr Charming.". He politely said that there is no issue in replacing the food. At the same time  he explained to me how the dish was made, tried hard to convince me that I would love it. But I was very adamant and not to be convinced. To be honest, my full attention was on his deadly handsome look, I didn't get a word he said in his heavy British accent. He looked vulnerable and very cute when he understood I was not convinced. Then he asked "Do you like salmon?". When I said I loved it,  his eyes brightened with enthusiasm and told me about his signature salmon dish. This time I genuinely listened to him and it sounded very tempting. We started enjoying our conversations. He even told me about his hobby of mixing music. Why do all good things come to an end? An attendant came and disturbed us. Someone was asking for him. He smiled to me and said "Sorry, I have to leave. Your salmon will be here soon.".

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