Sunday, November 8, 2015

Do it... Hold Her Hands

Your mother - Hold her hands Hold Her Hands

Hold Her Hands

Mother Mom Mama Mommy Mummy Maa Amma Ami Mare Ema Nu...  all these unique words mean the same - the woman who gave us birth, who brought us to this beautiful world. We all love our mom. But how often do we express our love to her? We all are so busy in our own worlds that we forget mom is growing old. Think about it. 

Love your mom, show that you love her. Make her feel special in every small possible ways. You don't need to wait for Mothers Day or her birthday or any festive occasion. You don't need to buy a diamond necklace to make her feel special. Simply tell her you love her, you miss her. These simple words mean a world to her, no diamond can replace them. Spend time with her, make her feel that she means the world to you. 

Hold her hands. Don't wait for your mom to become old or weak. You don't need a reason to hold her hands like she didn't need any reason to hold your hands when you were small. I have seen people holding their mom's hands because she has problem walking or she was weak or old. Then there are another type of people who hold their mom's hands because they just want to make her feel special. Which type you are?

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