Thursday, November 19, 2015

An adventurous journey in the quest of something unknown

Trip to Jaisalmer and Jodhpur Sand Dunes

An Adventurous Journey to Rajasthan

Our adventure started from the very first moment of boarding our train. When train arrived at our station, our compartment was already full like a Mumbai local train. We were surprised to see the so called educated people in office formals were passing comments on us and the non-educated crowd were the ones who offered us seats. We realized it is not education but the up-bringing which matters more in making a person a good human being.

Next morning we reached Jaisalmer. Happiness is having good friends. A friend in need is a friend indeed. But we never knew that the contact given by our friend was a big man in the town. We didn't need to mention the address of our host to the auto-wala, just the name was enough. Interesting right? We landed to a very beautiful house surrounded by sweet people. We were total strangers but so warmly welcomed by each member of the big joint family. Their house looked like a heritage home. We could see the famous Golden Fort, the only living fort in the world right in front of their house. We were offered authentic Jaisalmer sweets and snacks. They were just out of the world. And trust me, they couldn't be found anywhere else in Rajasthan. We couldn't thank enough to these amazing people for their superb affection and hospitality. 

Watching the sunset

Sand dunes...  we were going to experience sand dunes for the first time in our lives. Sitting on camels we headed for the Thar desert. I can never forget that I sat on Hrithik Roshan, my camel name. Sitting on the desert watching the sunset I wondered myself "Did I belong to this place?". For a moment I wished if time just stood still. The night was waiting for us. So we headed to our camps where there were bonfire, music and dance. A turning point came when I started dancing with the gypsy dancers. I gelled so well with them. I could dance exactly the way they did. It was effortless. I felt like it was something which I love doing, which I have been doing. I wished the night never ended and I kept on dancing with them. 


Rajasthan is a beautiful place. I have only praises for Rajasthan and people of Rajasthan. The magnificent gigantic forts will take your breath away. But what attracted me the most are the colorful gypsy people. I see them as artists expertise in dance and music. If you see through my eyes, Rajasthan is a colorful and musical place all because of these lovely gypsy people. My love and affection for the gypsy people, love for their music and dance, the unforgettable night of my dance with gypsy girls made me wonder if my quest is over, have I got answer to my question - "Was I a Rajasthani in my last past life?" The irony is answer came in a form of another question... "Was I a Rajasthani gypsy girl in my last past life?".


  1. Two things:
    1. quoted "it is not education but the up-bringing which matters more in making a person a good human being" true..
    2. Was I a Rajasthani in my last past life?---yes you were :P :P

  2. Lovely. There couldn't have been a better summary of our journey. Refreshed every bit of my memory and can't wait for our next trip. I too have my learnings from the trip - a very important one is that it's so much fun to be friends with total strangers and chat with them without getting judged or being known to them already.

    It was so much fun with you girls. Nice place to travel with nicer people for company is always the best one can ever ask for. thanks for making this ttrip truly memorable for me and making my first sand dunes experience totally worth it!

    Lots of love!

  3. Okay! So, I hope my comment gets saved this time :)

    Well, all I want to say is there could not have been a better summary of our trip than this. Beautifully written. I too learnt quite a lot from this trip - very importantly how wonderful it is to just lose yourself and mingle with strangers :)

    a special thanks to you and Priscilla for making my first sand dunes experience memorable and adding another happy trip to my bucket list. Am already looking forward to my next trip with you guys.

    Love you!

    1. Anupriya... thanks to you too darling for making our trip so exciting, memorable and spicy ;) . Yes... looking fwd to our next one. Love you too :)